Instrument flight qualification (CB-IR) distance learning


The goal of the course is to obtain the Instrument Rating, which enables the pilot to fly aircraft in accordance with instrument flight rules.


  • PPL(A) or CPL(A) licence;
  • 50 hours of Cross-Country flight time as Pilot-in-Command (PIC);
  • First or second class medical certificate (with IR certificate);
  • Night rating if you intend to take advantage of IR privileges also at night;
  • MEP rating if you intend to take the IR Multi-Engine rating (IR-ME-SP).

Knowledge of the English Language

You will be required to obtain the TEA Certificate with level 4 or higher. The examination for the certificate will be conducted on site.

Theoretical Course

Reserved access to the use of the e-Learning software developed for distance learning courses will be provided.

The course comprises 87 hours of theory, of which:

  • 62 hours on computer support (in English);
  • 25 hours in the classroom with lecturer.

Practical Training

Minimum activity:

  • 40 flying hours for the single-engine rating (IR SE-SEP);
  • 45 flying hours (of which at least 15 in an MEP aeroplane) for the multi-engine rating (IR ME-SP).

Aircraft used

Single-engine: C 172 SP, PA28 RT

Twin-engines: Piper PA34 Turbo Seneca V

Simulators: Mechtronix / Alsim FNPT II

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