Choices for your future in aviation

Aeroclub Varese Flight School offers endless possibilities for your career in aviation.

From basic theoretical lessons to more specific ratings to deal with airline Type Rating, you will find the Course that’s right for you, together with qualified Instructors and Teachers, ready to accompany you on a path of not only professional but also personal growth. We have been a reference point for aspiring Pilots in Italy for decades, and every aspect of our proposal is optimized to best prepare you for your future, from with our safety policy and attention to aircraft maintenance in our hangar.

Start flying with the PPL license and get your passion take off toward the ATPL license, while you delve into theory and practice what you’ve learned in dedicated flight training hours also with our flight simulators.

To help you choose the license best suited to your goals we also offer Courses dedicated to high school students, valid for school-to-work alternation, and orientation days, our Open Days. During these occasions you can visit the school and experience firsthand what it means to work as a Pilot.

Your future awaits, take off with us toward your passion.


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