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The courses to obtain the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and the Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) allow you to fly for NON remunerative purposes in Italy and, with appropriate extension to English-speaking countries, all over the world.

They are suitable both for those who are interested in the world of general aviation for tourism and leisure, and as a first step for those who then want to continue with a professional course and thus embark on a career in aviation.
They comprise a Theoretical Part and a Practical Part, both of which take place on-site in the Aeroclub’s classrooms and with aircraft from our fleet. The Theoretical Part is generally developed in evening lessons, but can of course be adapted to the needs of each individual. The practical part includes in-flight missions lasting from one to three hours and will be agreed directly by the student with the instructor according to the student’s availability, but always during daylight hours. To these Licenses can then be added Abilitations such as the use of aircraft with retractable landing gear, variable pitch propellers and more, according to each student’s needs.. The two types of Licenses have different completion requirements and therefore give different benefits.



With the PPL(A) licence it is possible to operate as Pilot in Command (PIC) on non-commercial aircraft in unremunerated operations. It is an EASA license, valid throughout Europe. In order to operate outside national borders, an English language rating must be obtained. The rating normally associated with the PPL(A) license is SEP (Single Engine Piston aircraft).

Obtain your flight licence and become a Private Pilot.

Theoretical courses are also periodically organized at our headquarters in Milan.


PPL Distance Learning

The PPL(A) license course is also available in a Distance Learning version. This course provides the opportunity to follow the theory through e-learning software in English, reconciling a possible work activity with the theoretical part.

It is an EASA licence, which is valid throughout Europe and, unlike the face-to-face PPL course, directly qualifies for English-language telephony without taking the dedicated course.

The rating normally associated with the PPL(A) license is SEP (Single Engine Piston aircraft).

Get your flight licence with maximum flexibility.

PPL Distance Learning

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