Advanced upset prevention and recovery training


The objective of the course is to understand how to manage physiological/psychological aspects and how to develop the skills and resilience required to learn appropriate recovery techniques during unexpected and unusual flight situations (upsets).


Hold at least a PPL(A) licence or higher or be enrolled in an ATP(A) integrated course.

Theoretical Course

5 hours of theoretical instruction delivered in classroom and/or distance learning mode.

  • Review of basic aerodynamics typically applicable to transport category aircraft upsets, including case studies of accidents with potential or actual upsets.
  • Aerodynamics related to the aircraft and exercises used in practical training;
  • Possible physiological and psychological effects of a failure, including the surprise effect and the drag effect;
  • Strategies to develop resilience and mitigate the startle effect.
  • Memorising the appropriate procedures and techniques for damage recovery.

Practical Training

3 hours flight time minus transfers to/from the work area, with aerobatic aircraft and a qualified FI.

Aircraft used

Cessna C150 Aerobat

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