ATPL Integrated ab initio (A)


The objective of the course is to obtain the ATPL(A) (Frozen) with CPL(A) Commercial Licence, instrument rating on Single Pilot multi-pilot aircraft (IR ME SP) and Multi Crew rating (APS MCC). Allows to operate in Italy and abroad as commander in single-pilot commercial activities and as co-pilot in multi-pilot commercial activities.


  • Minimum age 18 years;
  • Class I medical certificate;
  • Test in Mathematics and Physics, and knowledge of English.

Knowledge of the English language

You will be required to obtain the TEA Certificate with level 4 or higher; the examination for the certificate will be conducted on site.

Theoretical course

The course consists of 850 hours of theory covering the following topics:

Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Planning and Performance, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, Navigation and Radionavigation, Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight, Communications, English for Aviation, Upset Recovery Theory. Prevention Theory, KSA Area 100 Assessment, APS MCC and Selection Preparation.

Training materials:

  • “Theory of Flight” – R. Trebbi,
  • ATPL books in electronic format on Ipad, provided by the school.
  • Handouts and supporting teaching materials

Practical Training

In-flight training lasts 216 hours and is divided into 5 phases, the MINIMUM hours foreseen for each phase are:

Phase 1:

  • 10 hours of visual flight until the first solo pilot take-off.

Phase 2:

  • 20 hours of visual flight until the first solo take-off.

Phase 3

  • 50 hours of Visual Navigation and night flight qualification

Phase 4:

  • 95 hours of instrument flight in single-engine aircraft, FNPT II simulator and multi-engine aircraft

Phase 5:

  • 5 hours of flight time on C150 Aerobat aircraft for upsets management and prevention (UPRT).

Phase 6:

  • 36 hours on FNTP II Medium JET simulator to obtain the qualification to operate multi-pilot aircraft (APS MCC).

Aircraft used

Single-engine: Cessna C150 Aerobat, C172M/N, C172FR, C172SP, Piper PA28RT

Multi-engine: Piper PA34T Seneca V

Simulators: Mechtronix / Alsim FNPT II

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