PPL Private Pilot Licence Distance Learning (A)


The objective of the course is to obtain the FCL-PPL(A) Licence, which qualifies the holder to operate as a Pilot-in-Command of single-engine aircraft used in NON-commercial flights.


  • Minimum age at attainment 17 years;
  • Class II medical certificate.
  • English language placement test (necessary for using the e-learning platform).

Knowledge of the English language

TEA Level 4 Certificate required only if the candidate applies for English speech.

Theoretical course

The Theoretical Course will be conducted on an e-learning platform in English, developed specifically for distance learning courses.
The course comprises a total of 100 hours of theory, of which:

  • 67 hours on a computer-based platform (in English);
  • 33 hours of classroom training with a dedicated instructor;

Aviation Law, General Aircraft Concepts, Principles of Flight, Meteorology, Navigation, Communications, Operational Procedures, Performance and Planning, Human Performance and Limitations

Practical Training

Minimum activity:

  • 35 hours dual command;
  • 10 hours pilot-in-command.

Aircraft used

Single-engine: Cessna 172 M/N, Tecnam P2002JF

Simulators: Mechtronix / Alsim FNPT II

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