ATPL Modular Distance Learning (A)


Similarly to the integrated pathway, the modular ATPL pathway allows the ATPL (A) Theory (Frozen) to be obtained. The practical part, on the other hand, subdivided into modules, makes it possible to obtain the CPL license with the various ratings, giving the possibility of operating in Italy and abroad as a commander in single-pilot commercial activities and as a co-pilot in multi-pilot commercial activities.


  • Minimum age 18 years;
  • Class I medical certificate;
  • PPL(A) license;
  • Entrance test in Mathematics, Physics and English.

Knowledge of the English Language

You will be required to obtain the TEA Certificate with level 4 or higher; the examination for the certificate will be conducted on site.

Theoretical Course

The Theoretical Course will be conducted on an e-learning platform, specially developed for the distance learning courses.

Teaching material:

  • ATPL books in electronic format on Ipad, provided by the school.
  • Handouts and supporting teaching materials

The course comprises a total of 650 hours of theory, of which:

  • 580 hours on computer support (in English);
  • 70 hours of classroom training with dedicated instructor;
  • The course includes the 100 KSA area assessments.

In-Flight Training

In-flight training is divided into Modules. The MINIMUM hours foreseen for each module are 264* of which:

Commercial Pilot License (CPL):

  • 15 hours of visual flight and final Skill Test with EASA examiner to obtain the CPL License

UPRT – Upset Prevention Recovery Training

  • 5 hours of flight time on a C150 Aerobat aircraft for the management and prevention of upsets.

Night Flight Rating:

  • 5 hours of night visual flight

MEP Rating:

  • 6 hours flight time on a multi-engine aircraft and Final Skill Test for transcript of the rating (MEP).

Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (IR ME SP):

  • 55 hours instrument flight time on single-engine aeroplane, FNPTII simulator and multi-engine aircraft. Final skill test with EASA examiner for transcription of the rating
  • 40 hours on FNTP II Medium JET simulator to obtain the qualification to operate on multi-pilot aircraft (APS MCC).

*The final count of flight hours (264) also includes the 50 hours carried out in obtaining the PPL license and approximately 90 hours for the Hour Building.

Aircraft used

Single-engine: Cessna C172FR, Cessna C172SP, Piper PA28RT;

Twin-engines: Piper PA34 Turbo Seneca V;

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