UAS pilot courses

Recognised Entity – ENAC.UAS-RE.003

Aeroclub di Varese, as a Recognised Entity ENAC.UAS-RE.003 in addition to being a venue for taking the Proctored OPEN A2 exam, is one of the few schools to provide practical training, CRM course, SORA methodology and Aeronautical Communications course for remote pilots in the SPECIFIC category according to STS standard scenarios.

Introductory Flights

Introductory Flight with Instructor (5-hour flight package)

€ 550,00

Open A2 Exam

*ENAC fixed fees excluded

€ 120,00

Theoretical courses

SORA Methodology (Theoretical Course 10 hours)

€ 650,00

UAS Course (Theoretical Course 4 hours)

€ 350,00

Aviation Communication Management Course (Theoretical Course 4 hours)

€ 350,00

Theoretical course packages

UAS / CRM course package, aeronautical communication management and regulatory refreshment

€ 600,00

UAS / CRM course package, aviation communications management, SORA methodology and regulatory refresh (flight in SPECIFIC zones, EASA regulations etc.)

€ 1200,00

Standard scenario practice courses

Practical Training (4 hours including Briefing)

€ 420,00


  • Costs include registration and teaching materials.
  • Extra flight time 120 € / h.
  • The above overview does not constitute an estimate and is subject to change.
  • 1 flight hour corresponds to 4 missions.
  • The flight hour is understood to be the time between switch-on and complete switch-off of the engines.
  • The flight hours are carried out with specially configured UAS with dual instructor – student command
  • The provision of theoretical courses is subject to the attainment of a minimum number of candidates.

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