HIGH STANDARD Pilot Training at the Flying School of Varese.

The Flying School at Aero Club Varese can build your career with you; it can accompany you on your Path of Personal Growth and of growth in Aviation, both as an individual and as a pilot, whether you want to take this route as a Hobby or as a Profession.

Conveying Passion, Culture and Aeronautical Consciousness is our Primary Goal and it always has been. We have gained a vast experience in teaching as well as in Aviation. We are therefore able to meet virtually any type of request. Our organization, which is particularly professional, efficient and flexible, is able to organize individual lessons or courses with a large number of student pilots, while keeping a HIGH standard of education. To be a good pilot, in fact, it is not enough to have a passion for flying, which is essential, but also discipline and perseverance are needed as well as an instructor who is able to guide the students along the way. Understanding their character, their main needs and in this way being able to teach in a way that best suits their individual personality. It is extremely important to transmit the key characteristic of Pilots today which is defined Resilience.

Our Teaching Staff is made up of Captains, Engineers, Colonels and Surgeons, who besides having gained a wealth of knowledge throughout life, are also aviation enthusiasts and are therefore able to convey to the Student the theoretical knowledge necessary to their training process, with professionalism but also with passion and fun.

Whether you plan to become an Airline Pilot or a Pilot for passion, whether you are 16 or 60.

The Core of Instructors  is made up of Professional Pilots, and consists of carefully selected, passionate and highly trained individuals. With a great Passion for Flying and for Teaching. Instructors who have chosen to work in teaching as their primary commitment, making themselves available full time and thus meeting people’s different needs and avoiding the student having to adapt to the instructor’s availability.

The school has various Multimedia Classrooms which are spacious and comfortable, equipped with everything you might need to make lessons effective and enjoyable. There are Planning Classrooms where you can prepare for flights in peace, Test Rooms where to demonstrate that you have learned what you have been taught, a Break Room where you can rest, eat and relax. An Outside Area where you can enjoy the fresh air, a large car park for those arriving by car and Venegono Inferiore’s TreNord Train Station in less than a three minute walk which takes you to Milan’s Cadorna station in 45 minutes.

Thanks also to the Fleet of 15 Aircraft, all fully owned and suitable for the training of Students, thanks to the Certified in-house Maintenance Facility present  which deals exclusively with the Club’s aircraft and thanks to the Simulators FNPT II/MCC which gives a greater importance to the training process, allowing continuity in case of bad weather and insights which are not possible in flight, an enviable flying activity has been achieved and the School is one of the Leaders in Italy and Europe.