Become a Student Pilot thanks to the Flying School of Varese

To attend courses you must enroll in Aero Club Varese. Speaking of which, you can find at the Secretariat forms to fill in and a list of all documents required for registration. The Secretariat will also provide you with all the information you need to fill out the forms and location of the necessary documents.

Subsequently you must undergo a medical check at the Air Force’s Institute of Aerospace Medicine located in Milan. This medical check is carried out upon request and upon presentation by the flying school which will provide a cover letter in order to make the reservation. After passing the medical check, your pilot course can be started.

Training material will be handed out, an instructor will be assigned and once the type of aircraft to be used is established, a schedule of the theoretical lessons and a flight programme will be arranged based on the needs of the student.

Both professional courses and courses as a hobby are available, in both cases the enrollment process is the same, although obviously they have different requirements for the passing of the medical check.

In any case, the flight activity even if approached as a hobby will certainly be a source of great satisfaction and enjoyment.

Finally, regarding costs, you can find on the page Membership Fee the cost of Subscription and on the pages Fleet the hourly costs of different aircraft. Flights can be paid for singularly so as to spread the cost over the training period.

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