MCC – Multi Crew Co-operation Course from Scuola di Volo Varese

Multi Crew Co-Operation course is essential to fly as an airline crew member in Multi Pilot Aircraft (MPA). MCC course is required (or is significant advantage) to be completed by most airlines before an interview.
The MCC course is approved by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) under the requirements of EASA AMC 1 FCL 735.A(b) and is conducted over a period of 7 working days, comprising 25 hours of ground studies and 20 hours of simulator training. It is a non-jeopardy course, without the pressure of examinations or a flight test, and leads to award of the MCC Certificate, subject to satisfactory attendance.
The curriculum combines classroom and simulator activity to introduce and promote the non-technical skills that contribute significantly to aviation safety.
Instruction is provided, both in the classroom and the simulator, by our team of professional, airline experienced training instructors, each with a wealth of flying experience and an urge to pass on to the next generation of pilots, the knowledge and enthusiasm accrued over many years in the aviation profession.
Those candidates who will complete the course with a proficiency above the average, upon request, will be assisted by Aeroclub Varese Management in gaining employment in the industry.

Duration: 7days total : 2 days classroom plus 5 days simulator sessions.

The simulator, which is approved, is an advanced Ascent FNPTll – MCC Synthetic Flight Trainer manufactured by Mechtronix Systems Inc. a leading provider in of flight training devices worldwide. Equipped with Garmin 530 GPS, features a 180-degrees field of view panoramic cylindral Visual System with Rediffun Simulation Inc. RASTER flite Image generator, a real time visual software offering superior resolution and providing locally generated weather, moving models and speciall effects .
It is modelled on the Beechcraft 200 Kingair, an 18 seater turboprop, commuter aircraft, capable of operating to a maximum altitude of 33,000 feet and True Airspeed of 260 kts.

To participate in the MCC course, candidates must hold or recently Held a CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) and IR (Instrument Rating).

The aim of the course is to introduce newly qualified and relatively inexperienced pilots to become proficient in multi-crew co-operation (MCC) in order to operate safely multi-pilot multi-engine aeroplanes under IFR.
The syllabus is in excess of the minimum requirements. The extra experience may give you a helping hand if you know you may have some simulator assessment coming up as part of an interview process.


Payment terms: € 2.500 deposit upon course booking in addition to subscription fee.
Note: the price is based upon two pilots undertaking the course at the same time.

MCC Price Includes:

  • 25 hours of formal ground instruction;
  • Course notes;
  • 20 hours of dual synthetic flight instruction including: 10 hours as Pilot Flying (P1) and 10 hours Pilot Non Flying (P2) on Mechtronix Ascent FNPT II Simulator;
  • Instructor time;
  • Course Completion Certificate (provided satisfactory completion).

For more information  fill out the form and contact the Aeroclub secretary.