The Flying Club Varese’s Guarantee for training pilots in Italy

Founded in 1948, Flying Club Varese plays a primary role in training pilots in Italy. With qualified flight and theory Instructors, Flying Club Varese is approved for Private and Commercial Pilot’s Licenses, IFR, Instructor Rating, Airline Transport Pilot’s Licenses, Multi-Crew Coordination Courses and Line Oriented Flight Training courses, Expired License Renewals, Conversions for Foreign Licenses and lots more.

The Name of Aero Club Varese has become a Guarantee of Quality, Professionalism and Safety.

So many achievements have been obtained, one of which the 140 Pilot’s Licenses achieved by pilots who have gone on to fly for Alitalia. About 15 Professional Pilot’s Licenses per year have been obtained by those wanting to go and work for airlines, 25 Private Pilot’s License for those who wish to fly for pleasure with one of our fleet’s aircraft and thanks to our partnering with aeronautical institutes in Varese, Milan and Como, about 50 Student Pilot Certificates for student s who wish to start their journey with complementary activities to their high school.

Another great satisfaction is knowing that our students are then recruited by many different Airlines.

To crown all our efforts, with our Special Attention to Safety, on the 2nd December 2013, we obtained the Qualification of Approved Training Organisation (IT-ATO-0012) so that we can offer any type of PART-FCL Course recognized at a European level according to the EASA regulations.

Definitely worth mentioning are also the school’s partnerships with airlines such as Etihad Regional and Ryanair for the interview process through the APC Program. Partnerships that enable deserving students who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to their studies, to be presented to the interview directly by the school.