Two Simulators in Aeroclub Varese

Approved and Certified by the Italian CAA (ENAC) and EASA, registered as IT036A and IT082A/B/C.
They are mainly used by the ATPL Course students; Still, PPL students and associated Pilots who hold a Flight Licence may use them with an Instructor.
By using these advanced training devices it is possible to train in handling all those emergencies that, for safety reasons, cannot be tested in flight.

The Simulator Centre is located in a dedicated building at the Aeroclub

Which consists of two briefing rooms, two simulator rooms, toilets and a living room. The simulators at Aeroclub Varese enhance the quality of training, making it possible to lower the price and to train even in bad weather.


The two simulators allow for a step-by-step approach from the light twin-engine Piper PA34 Seneca V used at the end of the ATPL Course to the Medium JET on the state-of-the-art Alsim ALX styled after the Boeing 737/Airbus 320, and the Twin-engine turboprop Mechtronix Ascent built specifically for this aircraft.

This allows the student to learn with precision and accuracy, enhancing the aircraft performance gradually, to fill the gap between the Light Twin-engine and the Medium Jet.

It will also be possible, at the end of the ATPL Course, to choose with which MCC to complete your training.
Other than the standard MCC training in the Mechtronix Ascent it is possible to attend the Enhanced MCC Course in the Alsim ALX.

One HeadQuarter

Having everything close together allows us to present to you a Fully equipped Aeronautical Centre, where you can train effectively and safely.

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