Cost per Hour of aircraft at Aero Club Varese

The cost per flight hour is inclusive of fuel, lubricant, maintenance and insurance.
Members will be charged the actual time of use of the aircraft using the aircraft’s onboard hour meter.

CESSNA 172 M/N€ 198,00
CESSNA 172 FR€ 228,00
CESSNA 172 SP€ 228,00
PA 28 TURBO ARROW€ 294,00
PA 34 T SENECA V€ 562,20
TECNAM P 2002 JF€ 165,00
SIMULATOR FNPT II (cost including instructor)€ 210,00

The amounts are exclusive of airport taxes.

Hourly Rates of Instructors

The availability of the instructors can always be consulted online by logging on to the secure area.
The Member will be charged the actual flight time as according to the aircraft’s onboard hour meter.

VFR Instructor Fee€ 77,40
IFR Instructor Fee€ 87,60
Supplement per hour for night flights€ 108,00
Theoretical Instructor Fee€ 50,00