Online Services for Members of Aero Club Varese

One of the most advanced services of the Aero Club Varese is the online booking of its aircraft and instructors.

Within the secure area of our website, you can view in real time, the complete calendar of the period in which flight bookings are available. The system displays the availability of the aircraft and instructors in an online table, thus reproducing the classic piece of paper used for bookings which is normally available at the Aero Club.

The online booking service will also display your balance and credit.  If they are not sufficient to cover the flight that you wish to book online, you can increase your credit online using your credit card and so complete your reservation.

Once completed, you will receive an email of confirmation with all the details of the flight you have booked.

The online booking service is fully integrated with the “Member’s personal data” at Aero Club Varese; so in addition to not being able to book by mistake when you have any expired ratings, you will also have the possibility to view among other things, your deadlines and ratings, your flight logbook and all the documentation required for your flights in the online area “Documents” (Manuals, Checklists etc.).