Services, Agreements and Benefits offered to our members

This historic Aero Club Varese is one of the first Clubs dedicated to flying for sport, over the years it has become one of the most important Italian flying school thanks to its well-organised activities, which are carried out in a safe and continuous manner by qualified flight instructors.

The experience of our team of instructors and teachers is fully available to our Members, who can also count on an interactive website and an always operational Secretariat.

So whoever is a Member, in addition to being able to use the Aero Club facilities, can also fly as Pilot in Command, or with an Instructor on board, on our vast fleet which is well taken care of by our professional, efficient and always available Maintenance staff.

As a Member, you can also take advantage of our affiliated Medical Campus and canteen of the firm Leonardo, located on the other side of the runway. There is also an affiliation with Aero Clubs Adele Orsi in Calcinate and Aero Club Como, with their schools of gliders and seaplanes.