Instructors Courses

The courses to obtain Instructor Certification for Visual Flight (FI), Instrument Flight Rating (IRI), Multi-Engine Class Aircraft Flight (CRI) and for the Multi-Crew Coordination course (MCC) are suitable for those who have a passion for teaching as well as aviaiton and who would like to pass on their knowledge to those who want to obtain a License or enrich it with additional Ratings. The Instructor’s job is one of great responsability which, as well as passing on knowledge, also forms an Aeronautical Consciousness in Student Pilots, maintaining throughout the whole flight a particular eye to Safety.

A Great Responsibility but also a Great Gratification 

Like the other courses, it includes a Theoretical Part and a Practical Part which will be held on the premises in the classrooms of Aero Club Varese and with the aircraft in our fleet. The theoretical part is generally developed during evening classes, but this can obviously be adapted to everyone’s needs. The practical part includes flying missions which will be arranged directly by the student with the instructor depending on the student’s availability but always during daylight hours.

For those who already hold one of the Instructor Certifications, the Aero Club organises Seminars required for its renewal.

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