The courses to obtain the Commercial and /or Airline Transport Pilot’s License (CPL/ATPL) allow piloting for lucrative purposes in Italy and Abroad.

They are therefore suitable for those who want to pursue a career in aviation.

They foresee a Theoretical Part and a Practical Part which both take place on the premises in the classrooms of the Aero Club and with the aircraft in our fleet.

They obviously require a constant commitment, good discipline and a great professionalism. Theses aspects are essential for anyone who wants to become a professional pilot. The training is not addressed only to the pure piloting of the aircraft but also to the formation of an aeronautical mentality necessary to fly safely.

The theoretical part varies depending on the type of course you choose, from daily lessons for the Integrated ATPL course to distance learning for the Distance Learning ATPL course. This allows you to choose the course that best suits your needs.

The practical part includes increasing in-flight missions and will be agreed upon directly by the student with the instructor depending on the student’s availability. The gradual change of aircraft with an ever greater performance and increasingly complex features then allows you to reach the end of the course with a complete knowledge and all the Ratings required in order to apply for interviews with airlines.

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