You’re about to take a self- test about your potential and your aptitude to  perform successfully in the training required to become a pilot.

The School Orientation Centre will receive and evaluate your test, in light of the potential and personal resources expressed therein. In your presence, we will consider the best way to proceed on the path that will  make you grow and train to become a pilot and Aircraft Captain.

For every sentence, you will find three statements: as fast as you can, choose the one that represents you the most. Do not take too long to think as that may be counter-productive, the various sentences are not connected.

Once the test is completed the School administrative office will contact you to propose an interview.

In the Flight School, it’s important that the Flight Instructors transmit certainties

I will be subjected to judgments and tests in flight: all of this requires motivation and commitment

Becoming a pilot is a feasible dream

I will commit in school to become a skilled and knowledgeable pilot

Becoming a pilot means to try to enhance my skills as a pilot and a man. I’m ambitious

I love attending the Flight School and the idea of becoming a pilot, I commit to learn and do better

It’s possible to learn from my mistakes

Notwithstanding the School and the Instructors, the commitment to become a pilot is mine

I succeed in selections, I study , I learn to fly , I aim at becoming a good pilot : that’s how my passengers will be satisfied with me

I failed an exam

It is possible to find a method in all that we do. This helps to solve problems and takes away all doubts

It’s important to feel happy about attending the flight School and becoming a pilot

You completed the Questionnaire! Fill the data below to send the results, we will contact you as soon as possible.