The following is an extract from the Club’s Statute

Constitution and purpose – Art 01

An Association named “AERO CLUB VARESE” is constituted and established in Venegono Inferiore (VA), at the Airport A.Ferrarin.

The Aero Club (AeC) exercises a non-profitable organization of recreational, educational, touristic and promotional activities in the field of flight or gliding and of acrobatics with aircraft or gliders, of recreational flights or for sport with devices with or without engines, of flights in a free or powered balloon, constructed aeronautically by amateurs, or by restoration of a historic aircraft, of skydiving and of aircraft modelling. These activities are defined further on with the word “Speciality” followed by its specification.

In particular the Aero Club must pursue, within the framework of the activities referred to in the preceding paragraph, the formation of an aviation consciousness among youth.

Furthermore the Aero Club promotes and encourages all other forms of activities within the field of aviation, voluntary work and in any other sector. It carries out aviation propaganda, promotes the culture of aviation and collaborates with the local public authorities on the study or solving of problems that affect it.

The Aero Club is an Amateur Sports Association and, as such, cannot predict or make, even indirectly, distribution of profits, operating surpluses, funds, reserves and capital. Any surpluses from commercial activities which are legally permitted and managed in separate accounts must be re-invested in the expansion of statutory activities.

The Aero Club is subject to private law and may also take the form of a limited liability company with Statutes that expressly exclude financial gain, understood as a ban of distribution of interest, even indirectly.

The complete Statute may be consulted in the secure area of our website.